Question about Cardio after Weightlifting

Hey everybody,

First time print here. My idea is to remove fat, and I’ve been doing 3 categorical things to do so:

– Keeping my cals during about 1500 (mostly gaunt protein (fish/chicken breast), veggies, and not too most carbs.
– Lifting weights about 5 days a week
– Doing HIIT cardio after we do weights (30 secs sprint, 30 secs slow)

Anyway, we had a doubt about a cardio I’m doing after weights. Usually, we try and do HIIT for about 30 mins on a elliptical, though recently someone (a trainer) told me that’s too much, and that doing that most cardio will cut into my gains, and that flesh is a best approach for me to remove fat and change my body. That kinda sounds nuts to me, since I’m a large dude, and I’ve always suspicion a some-more cardio a better.

I should also discuss we bike to and from a gym, it’s like 15 mins any way. That being said, a bike float is flattering casual, so we roughly don’t count it as exercise. It’s some-more like a comfortable up, cold down.

Does anyone have any discernment into this? Also, any and all tips are really most appreciated. I’m during about 250lb now and my idea is 200lb, I’m about 6ft.

Thanks for reading.

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