Can we build any volume of flesh on a (small) calorie deficit?

I wish to start out by observant that I’m not meddlesome in building big, or even sincerely manifest muscles. we usually wish to change my physique combination a tiny bit so we can demeanour some-more toned.
I know that we are ostensible to remove weight in sequence to demeanour some-more toned though we attempted that in a past and finished adult underweight and still weak with no butt.

I’m a 23 years aged girl, we now import 121 pounds and am 5’3 inches tall.
I work out my muscles (squats, ab workouts, planks, lunges, leg raises etc) 4 to 5 times a week flattering well. we eat around 80 grams of protein per day.
However we am eating usually 1450 calories a day and my daily mandate are around 1600 cals a day. Can we still build some tiny volume of flesh if we eat on a deficit? Or should we bulk and cut? Remember we am a newbie and we usually need to build a tiny amount.

To put it in numbers (rough estimation): we wish to remove 8-10 pounds of fat and benefit rather 5-7 pounds of muscle)

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