Help losing a final 10 lbs

I’m a same tallness and weight as you, and I’m now slicing on an 1,100 calorie per day diet. Keep in mind that as your weight comes down, so does your TDEE. For me, a disproportion in TDEE between weighing 172 and 150 is about 120 calories per day. So now that we have mislaid some weight (hopefully mostly fat) we need to adjust your calories. At 150 pounds my TDEE would be 1,762 (I’m 53 years old). Your TDEE is substantially not too many different, so if you’re eating 1,550 calories per day your necessity is sincerely small.

So like we said, cut a cheats. Cheat meals, lie snacks and (God forbid) an whole lie day, gone!!!

Also, recalculate your new TDEE and your new calorie necessity and macros.

Keep adult a cardio, though we advise we don’t eat behind those practice calories. Calories burnt during cardio is really tough to guess and reduction than many people think. If we contingency supplement those behind in, be really regressive about it.

You’ll see results!

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