Chris Pratt diet for Marvel movies?

Hello everybody,

I motionless to remove weight (again) and i review about Chris Pratt losing over 60lbs in 6 months.
He is some arrange of a purpose indication for me,I’m not C.Pratt-wannabe,but i like his personalty and his physique looks amazing.
Now,i don’t have entrance to gym,but i do have 2x 10kg weights that i wish to use on commencement of my workouts and i wish that’s adequate for beginning.
As for my weight-it’s 233lbs/106kg,and I’m 5’9/176cm.
I’m really,really fat during belly,so that’s my biggest problem.

As for Pratt’s diet-i can’t find it anywhere on internet,so I’m not certain if he’s diet is tip or what?
Many wrote their versions of Pratt’s diet so I’m not certain that one to follow?

I can eat many things,like veggies,fruit,fish,meat,but i can’t mount shakes and divert products.

So is it probable for me to remove during slightest 50 in 4 months with his diet?
My idea is to remove weight,THEN get some-more robust body,because i wish many of all-flat belly.

Every criticism is some-more afterwards welcome.
All best,

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