Gathering Intel To Start

Hey guys !

New member here. I’m perplexing to kickstart my life and get serious, I’ve spent many of a day reading and examination videos though I’m removing so most opposing information during a moment. we only need to be forked in a right direction.

I’m a 5’9 female, 326 pounds, 43 in. waist.
I’m fasten a gym with a pool on Sunday (that’s when I’ll have a income for it)

What form of caloric necessity should i be sharpened for, I’ve seen all from 800 – 2000 so we have 0 idea.

I wish to float mostly as cardio, during this size, during a gym what should we be aiming for, what else should i do and how mostly do we need to go ?

If anyone has any threads for me to review through, or tips/advise on staying unchanging or only doing it good greatfully let me know.

Is there anywhere on a site that we can record my weightloss tour and be means to watch other peoples ?
I’ve beheld we cocktail your sum in so assume we can we only don’t know where to look. Thanks !

TL;DR – Help me stop being a fat cow.

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