Need assistance with my macros/ idea fat loss/body transformation

Name: Maya
Age: 30
Height : 170cm (5’7)
Weight : 57 (125lbs)
Body Fat : 28%
Body Type : Skinny fat (Mesomorph)

GOAL : Keep a same weight Transforming my physique fat into muscle.

What we mostly eat:

Protein : Chicken/tuna/fish/turkey,egg whites
Carbs: Oats,sweet potatoes,banana,plantains,rice,beans
Fat : Avocado,Peanut butter, chia seeds,.coconut mist oil.
Veggies: Pepper,cucumber,broc****,zucchini.sprouts,spinach, mushroom.tomatoes,onions
Fruits: Grapefruit,berries (Blueberries, strawberries)
Drink: Water,black coffee with stevia
Vitamins: Omega3-6-9, VitaminD.Multi Vitamins, Iron, Calcium and magnesium

I mostly eat whole food and keep my diet as purify as we possible.

I am really stretchable when it comes to veggies, i don’t lane them (number of grams varies everyday) though we am unchanging when it comes to protein and carbs.

Question 1:

– Can anyone assistance me with my macros? (Fix Macros)

My categorical idea is to TRANSFORM my physique fat into muscle. we am not looking on losing any weight as we am flattering gaunt during a moment. we only need some assistance with my macros.

Many interjection in advance.


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