New to forums; wanna remove weight; any assistance appreciated :^)

hi buddies

im new to this village and like many people in this underling forum, i wanna get shredded af
im 18, 5′ 7″ during 161 pounds
my bmi is somewhere between 15 and 20%, not totally sure

my idea weight is around 145 ish with a underling 10% bmi

im regulating myfitnesspal right now to lane my calories and macros to make certain im constantly during a necessity with no sugars. im perplexing to say a low carb high protein diet atm

ive been an zealous tennis actor for a past 10 years and i play high turn bar college tennis roughly bland though I’ve never achieved an cultured physique ever in my life. i have always had alot of additional fat around my thighs, chest and tummy segment in general.

i cycle between a 3 day slight of bicep/back, tricep/chest and shoulder twice a week while resting on sunday. we also do prolonged tenure low power cardio powerwalking on a complicated slip each integrate days

im in flattering good earthy condition though i only wish to remove that covering or dual of fat that creates me demeanour like a chubster. any critique or recommendation is really appreciated since many of a things i see on a forums are possibly for people totally out of figure or people already shredded perplexing to improve. im during this uncanny midst belligerent and im kind of confused on what to do to be honest.

i would adore it if i could only remove some fat around my thighs specifically. ive never been means to fit into jeans in my whole life and i’d like to change that. if we guys need any additional information or pics or something, only let me know i will post if it will assistance me

thanks buddies :^)


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