Supplements to assistance toning

Since final year we mislaid about 57 lb, with a healthy diet and lots of gym workout. Now I’m 127 lb and 169 cm (metric units, we don’t know how we magnitude tallness in US, sorry), though my BMI is 20,31 kg/m2.
However, now my idea is tonifing my body, though it’s apropos formidable generally in a belly.
My doubt is, there are some supplements that guarantee illusory formula though afterwards we comprehend it was squandered money. we never attempted any of these, though I’m extraordinary about carb and fat blockers, and carnitine.
Once a week we have a lie dish (I try to do usually one lie dish and not a lie day, though infrequently we confess, we lax control), and we was meditative to use these carb blockers before this. we unequivocally consider this day is not assisting to strech my objective.

Have we attempted any of these supplements? Do they help?

(Sorry for my english mistakes, I’m portuguese)

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