Meal recommendation for consistency

Hi all, going to start a fat detriment record though wanted to ask a question. My biggest emanate is we don’t have coherence in regards to my diet. I’m not a form of chairman to arise adult early, prepare an perplexing breakfast, eat a good dull lunch, and finish with a lush dinner.

I was meditative of unclothed skeleton simplicity, like;

1 egg
1 parcel of oatmeal w/ honey
1 square of fruit

Turkey sandwich on whole wheat w/ Swiss + mustard
1 square of fruit
1 yogurt

I typically eat cooking with my girlfriend’s family or my mother, so substantially only a tiny apportionment of whatever is served

My doubt is, is this tolerable if I’m sitting during about 290lbs with an impossibly active job? I’m a margin tech and literally bland is during LEAST 10k steps, so about 5 miles. Plus we stand about 40 feet during slightest 20 times, integrate in stairs, crawling, kneeling, etc.

Im anticipating to put down no some-more than 1700 calories a day. we did unequivocally good for about a month a few months ago, mislaid about 15 pounds and afterwards it all only sizzled out. we don’t unequivocally know if we cut too most calories or my physique got ill of it.

Any advice?

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