Need opinions

I am in need of we overwhelming ladies unprejudiced eye.

Uploaded swell pics today, and we am about 10 weeks out from a show. fat detriment has been delayed though solid and we have mislaid inches. Cals are right during 1900, appetite is fine, I’m not starving, training and liberation are still good. Only doing about an hour of loyal cardio a week, pilates 3x a week.

I only don’t feel like we am during 10 weeks out and Ive been on a blockade about doing a show. Would we throw a show??

I’m going to continue to diet and gaunt out as there are a array of photoshoots we wish to do, though it doesn’t need theatre leanness and cannot be too bad to continue. We are going to a uncover possibly way, possibly to contest or watch as a a closest to me and we can be some-more prepared for subsequent year.

My report gets a bit easier in sept, though my work is also promulgation me behind to a states during about a 5 week out mark. And grad propagandize is still in a brew as well. So all of this is going into care too.

So what would do we say, do we continue and do a show?
I’m estimating I’m 22 – 25 ish in bf (something like that, lol)
Current weight 119 *also finale my cycle*
Waist 25
hips 36
thighs 20. 5 DSCN1570.jpgDSCN1551.jpgDSCN1548.jpgDSCN1568.jpgDSCN1573.jpg

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