Seem to have stalled losing bf

I had a successful bulk final fall. Then started my cut in Jan to prep for a uncover subsequent month. Fat detriment has been good and we feel we have finished a good pursuit maintaining flesh though it seems my fat detriment has slowed even tho I’m usually holding in 1700 cals, 80g carbs and 200g protein. we mentioned this to a buddy, also doing a show, he uses a dietician to assistance him with his diet; he pronounced he had this emanate during his cut also; he pronounced his manager had him ramp adult to 3000 cals for a week, afterwards dump again, and it worked for him. Is this a devoted and used technique? I’m a small frightened to ramp adult during 5 weeks out.
I bulked from 148 to 182 in 5 months. Then cut from a 182 down to 154 now.
At a 148 we was around 12%; was about 16-17% during 182. Now 154 during around 9.5 fwiw

So, do we burst adult to 3000 for a week or only keep going as planned? we consider we am still losing around .5 lb per week; it only doesn’t seem like my abs are entrance in any some-more than they already have.

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