Losing fat too quickly?

Starting weight: 272
Current Weight:260

After calculating my daily diet we am during 2000 calories a day, I’ve been on a diet for usually 3 1/2 weeks, though I’m wondering if given I’m losing weight so quickly, am we also losing a lot some-more muscle? Or is it since we have so most some-more fat that it’s okay. we have a really high protein diet, a good volume of carbs and fat, and a diet is really easy for me, it’s a lot of high volume, low calorie foods. So it’s not formidable during all, it’s indeed substantially harder to eat so most food.

(Breakfast: 6 eggs
Snack: Protein shake and baby carrots if hungry
Lunch: 2 cups of pasta w/ small sauce
After workout: protein shake
Dinner: 2 duck breast, 1 1/2 cups of rice, 2 crater broc****)

I’m also holding creatine, BCAA’s and calcium and vitamin D supplements. All we splash is water.


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