Randomly started putting on weight


I’ve been usually losing weight for a final 8 weeks. I’ve left from 193lbs to my lowest import in of 174.2lbs.

5 days ago we was feeling terrible, unequivocally inspired and low appetite so we suspicion it would be time for a refeed. So we bumped my carbs from 230g to around 400g for a day. As we approaching we woke adult around 3-4lbs heavier.

Initially a H2O weight forsaken off and we went behind down to 174.8lbs though given afterwards I’ve been gaining weight from past 3 days. Weigh details went as follows;

178.6lbs (day after Refeed), 176.5lbs, 174.8lbs, 175.0lbs 175.8lbs, 176.2lbs.

Just seems unequivocally peculiar since my macros haven’t changed, my cardio hasnt altered (running 4.5 miles 4-5 times a week).

Any suggestions?

I was meditative of bumping my calories adult to upkeep for a week or 2 to recover some hormone change and reset as it were afterwards go from there though don’t know if I’m wasting my time.


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