Weight benefit over prolonged duration of time , where to go from here?

I only need some recommendation on fat detriment / flesh memory gains.

I used to be in a best figure of my life 195lbs around 12% bf after 2.5 years training.

But we took ill with a repeated infection due to an ingrown hair (which doesn’t sound that critical yet it was an intolerable pain to be means to train) during that time we stopped training and started putting on weight.
Even after we no longer had that problem we was too distant left and never unequivocally got behind into it.

2 years after (now) we am 220lbs during around 30% bf , we mislaid all flesh so I’m presumption around 35/45lbs fat benefit .

I started training and dieting 2 months ago , we feel as if we have mislaid some fat and gained some aged flesh behind , so a beam have went down about 8lbs (even yet we feel like we have mislaid some-more in fat)

My categorical doubt is , we listened something during got stranded in my conduct , someone once pronounced that “the longer you’ve had a fat, a longer it will take to mislay , if it took 2 years to benefit it, it will take 2 years to lax it” .

Is there any law to this statement?

I am now on a necessity of around 800 kcal a day , carb cycling and weight training, we have given adult ethanol and due to how delayed swell is feeling , we am only endangered that a matter competence be true.

I am not looking for miracles in a brief space of time.
I’m only looking to get a good “base physique” to start with.
I’m aiming in a brief tenure for a “mark wahlberg pain and gain” demeanour , middle physique fat high flesh as a starting indicate to pierce brazen from.

So a categorical recommendation we am seeking for is,

Will it take 2 years to mislay prolonged tenure fat?

I trust we have used adult all my noob/muscle memory gains on a necessity and a surpluss will be indispensable to grow any some-more , and due to not being too disturbed about being “ripped” in a nearby future, would a purify bulk during a aloft physique fat be a good thought , contend , when we get to 200lbs , only to get a good bottom flesh % before a cut to assistance with metabolism etc.

Any recommendation would be appreciated,
Many thanks

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