Lifting while Boxing (Advice indispensable for Cutting)

I started doing 2 hours fighting training 3x a week (Tue, Thu, Sat). Its flattering heated with 1 hour of conditioning and afterwards 1 hour of technique training.
At a same time, we wish to remove fat and keep flesh so we have been lifting on my off days 3x a week. (I’m perplexing to cut from 190lb to 165lb during a tallness of 5’11. we started a cut and fighting dual weeks ago)

However, we found my muscles to be fatigued during my fighting workouts since of a lifting on off-days and my calorie necessity (Maintenance is 2600 calories and I’m eating 1800 calories a day. So distant a been operative to remove 1.5lb a week). we wish to be means to perform my best in fighting while still losing tighten to 2 pounds of fat any week.

1) How mostly and what power should we be lifting in sequence to continue a correct cut? Can we do 2x a week instead? 1x?
2) Do we even need to continue lifting with a power of a fighting workouts? (2 mile run, afterwards sprints, afterwards burpees, crunches, push-ups and other bodyweight exercises for many reps)
2) If we need to continue lifting, any lifting programs to advise that won’t be so heated and visit so we can concentration on boxing?

Thanks for any advice.

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