Skinny fat, lax skin, only plain fat? Idk. Cut, maintenance, or bulk?

Alright brahs, so we need some superintendence here.

Long story brief we used to be 250lbs during 5’8″.
I went all a approach to 139lbs during my lowest.
I let myself go a while behind and got adult to 185lbs, though during that time we was eating whatever though also going to a gym.
I’ve been slicing for utterly some time now and I’m during 160lbs. Don’t know my bf% though it looks like chit. I’ve mislaid a lot of flesh mass and we have a lot of lax skin, elastic skin, widen outlines that’ll never go divided etc.

Question is, should we only keep cutting? Eat during a maintence and work during it compartment we get a support to build off of? Or purify bulk for a set volume of months, benefit flesh mass and only do a delayed cut.

I demeanour fit and spare IN garments though naked, naw. we meant even distance 32 pants are too large for me. Pictures have been added. Since we don’t have a need posts you’ll have to duplicate and paste.

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